🌼 Percent

Percent is a web app to track overarching life goals and analyze if you're actually sticking to them.

The idea came from a personal process I've been doing myself for the past few months to track & quantify my life on a weekly basis — although the first version was a spreadsheet with a bunch of formulas, I thought I had enough feature ideas to justify building a standalone product.

🐀 Few York

Inspired by Elon's Occupy Mars t-shirt, I created @fewyork in 2018 after being caught in the middle of the friendly rivalry between the west and east-coast biz worlds. I thought it would be cool to design two collections — one based on a SF startup mindset and the other based on a NYC finance mindset.

I've only had time to design a handful of SF ones (which I really like), but more are on the way. Email me at hi@fewyork.com if you have any design ideas!

🎏 Zen

With Zen, I wanted to create a small set of 'rooms' that would take me somewhere peaceful. I was feeling some stress at the time and wished there was something pretty but boring to fall into for a quick mental break.

It's built using three.js and runs on Glitch, a really cool platform to build small projects.

☁️ Salesforce Starter

While at IBM I learned to develop in Salesforce and wrote some documentation for myself. I figured if anyone wants to save themselves a headache, they can avoid the endless Salesforce on-boarding docs and just read what I distilled here.

😸 Felist

Felist is a minimal organizer. I hated having to decide between a bunch of todo-list apps that were complete overkills for what I needed (I even wrote a semi-popular post about). So here's a sleek & minimal app to save you and me from todo-list oblivion.

📚 Tutoring

I'm one of the top programming tutors on Wyzant! I'm the top search result for HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. I even got my own URL: wyzant.com/tutors/nico.

I love to learn different technologies by getting involved in other people's pet projects. If you're interested, email me at hi@nico.gl for more info.

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